Interested in a Rewarding Career as a Caregiver?

Jennifer with Simple Local Life had a conversation with Lisa Osborne, a caregiver with Earth Angels Home Care about what it’s like to be a caregiver.

Jennifer: Lisa, how long have you been a caregiver with Earth Angels Home Care?

Lisa: I started back in February 2018.

Jennifer: What led you into your career as a Caregiver?

Lisa: After high school, I decided to become a nurse. When I started the courses though, I discovered that I didn’t want to go back to school and wasn’t ready for it. I did a lot of different jobs, everything from fruit picking to admin work to housekeeping. I eventually started a family and although I had great skills, I couldn’t find work anywhere. I didn’t have any formal credentials. I wanted to work and do something useful, and I still wanted to be able to take my children to the school bus in the morning and tuck them in at night.

I came into Earth Angels and it was wonderful to be recognized for what I can do. They asked me to get my First Aid Certificate and then they booked me into the training sessions for Positive Approach to Care™ because that is mandatory training. It was incredibly useful. They train you and prepare you for situations.

Jennifer: Would you recommend Caregiving as a career?

Lisa: Yes, 100%. It’s wonderful to be recognized as a person and that my life is important. They care for staff and an equilibrium has been struck that allows me to have a life outside of work.

Jennifer: What does your day look like?

Lisa: It depends on the client. I often show up at mealtimes. I chat with them and get them comfortable. They may not remember me or my name, but they recognize me as a person. I usually eat with them. After that, I may help them bathe or get groceries. Our skills as caregivers are carefully assessed, and we are matched with the appropriate clients. We never go into a client’s house blind because we are given a care plan.

Jennifer: You see different clients every day or each week?

Lisa: Yes, I see different people, but I do the same things for them as we need to do at home. I take out the garbage and clean the bathroom but it’s so much more than the things you do as a caregiver. The people I see are often vulnerable and they’re in one of the most frustrating and difficult times of their life. I have an amazing opportunity to go in and give them dignity. It empowers them to participate in that moment of their life, to engage and to carry on with their day. We’re all on a path and I get to be a guide and a companion on their journey and to bring them joy and happiness. It’s all about the moments.

Jennifer: Have you seen a difference using Positive Approach to Care (PAC) with your clients?

Lisa: Yes, Earth Angels Home Care teaches you the tools and techniques, and some of them are so simple and they work. It’s all about eliminating barriers so that you can connect with a person.

The skills have also helped me become a better parent.

Jennifer: Yes, it seems very useful in everyday life and how you present yourself.

Lisa: This work is all encompassing. It stimulates me physically, emotionally, intellectually. It can be draining but also very fulfilling. I’m never stagnant in this role. I’m growing as a person.

Jennifer: It’s obvious you’re very passionate about your work.

Lisa: It’s interesting, one of the first things they teach you in PAC training is to breathe. We get hung up on details. It’s life, let it go.

Jennifer: What is the highlight of your day?

Lisa: With dementia, we’ often see what’s going wrong. We don’t see the person. Teepa’s GEMS are perfect. I get to see people as their true self and they often teach when they don’t intend to teach. I’ve learned so much from clients. They often share a beautiful piece of wisdom and it may be gone in a flash. It may be something as simple as peeling potatoes. It benefits them to share with me and it makes them feel useful but it’s mutually beneficial. They’ve lived incredible lives and are still living their life.

Jennifer: We can tell how helpful and caring you are. Earth Angels Home Care is looking for more caregivers and it takes a certain type of individual doesn’t it?

Lisa: We do a vast range of tasks, everything from cleaning and cooking to personal care. They are very flexible and match the right caregiver to the right client. We work with all types of people and you get to see a broad perspective of humanity.

Jennifer: If someone is interested in caregiving or learning more about the role, what is the number for them to call?

Lisa: They can call Earth Angels Home Care at 902-530-6205.

Jennifer: There’s an Employee Referral program here so mention Lisa’s name if you call. Thank you so much Lisa.

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